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    Two small text books which have such well designed minimal covers and both in gorgeous green. I love the very idea of, 'The School Garden'. Proper horticulture for school and evening classes, with all bases covered. Digging, propogation, seeds and salads.There are very few illustrations but it's truly educational.Very good condition. Cloth cover.

    Size: 11cm x 16.5cm.


    'Laundrywork in Schools' manages to present this subject convincingly as a Domestic Science and it is all fairly complicated! The properties of nylon, the history of rayon, finishing silk and so on. Different cleaning agents are tried and discussed and there are several photos of the latest gadgets.

    It's not until we tackle a 'family wash' that gender is no longer neutral and the 'housewife' is first mentioned. Not bad for 1951. Good condition. 

    Size: 12.5cm a 18cm.


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